Thursday, February 28, 2008

Scratch That

Here I was, all ready to post an annoyingly cheerful blog about how swimmingly my new job is going, and how the kids have taken to daycare like ducks in water. (Despite the fact that Kays got pink eye after only 3 days - it was a mild case and she handled the drops well. We chalked that up to the hazards of daycare and moved on.)


The flu invaded our house on Sunday night. Monday at the doctor's office, the tests confirmed: both munchkins had it. JT also had an ear infection and sinus infection.


Four days later, they are finally back in daycare. N took Monday off, I took Tuesday, and he covered Wednesday and today (in case they were sent home from daycare; we weren't 100% positive they'd make it through an entire day). Luckily, he can work from home, so his boss is somewhat flexible in situations like this. I, however, am not yet out of my third week at a new job and have already begged for time off. Nice.

To top it off, I am sitting at my desk with a fever, the chills, a massive headache, and neck pain. I want to go home and hide under the covers. Instead, I am so apprehensive about asking for even more time off that I'm sitting like a lump at my desk, wearing my jacket, hoping I just die right here to lessen the misery.

Welcome back. Yeah, right.

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