Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Thing They Aren't This Cute All The Time

Kays: Mom, why does JT have to do everything I do? I don't want him to follow me around and copy me all the time.

Me: Honey, people only imitate others when they think that person is the best. JT wants to be just like you because he thinks you're the awesomest.

Kays (pure wonder in her voice): JT, is that true? Do you really think I'm awesome?

JT (big grin): Kays, you are the bestest awesomest!

Kays (big eyed and amazed): Ooooooh! {Gets up and runs around the table, kisses her brother on the cheek}

JT: I love you Kays.

Kays: I love you too! {Gives him another kiss and a huge, neck-strangling hug}

Me: {heart melts}

Kays (to me): I gave him two kisses because he loves me and I love him and I am an angel.

JT: I am an angel too!

Me: {heart drips onto floor}

Kays: JT, quit copying me!

Me: {heart reforms rather quickly} {sigh}

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